SMART-IN Visitor Management System

SMART-IN Visitor Management System

Make your visitor smartly check-in

Power up for a simple, smart & secure visitor experience with Face Recognition.

Modernise your front desk to give your guests

the welcome they deserve with our highly customisable SMART-IN visitor management system!

SMART-IN is a Face Recognition Based Visitor management System,

It maximizes your front desk efficiency by quickly registrating the visitor by face recognition and geneerate the digital pass.A visitor can register either by Kiosk,App and Tabs. SMART-IN also can integrated with existing survillance system with in the primices.SMART-In save time and money by making your front desk one of the most efficient and increase your brand value.

SMART-In can be either hosted in cloud or on primises, we meet your security needs

Front Desk
3 minutes
To handle a regular visitor, identify their needs and notify the host about their arrival.
4 seconds
To warmly greet a visitor and let iLobby take care of the rest.
2 minutes
To inspect, accept and properly record a delivery.
20 seconds
To inspect the items delivered and let iLobby deal with registering the package.
10 minutes
To find out (in case of emergency) how many visitors are currently present at your facility and send out their names to appointed individuals.
4 seconds
To turn on the evacuation mode that will trigger all required notifications.

Why SMART-IN better?

Compared to a traditional front desk

Take a look at our fast facts and quickly compare how much time you and your employees can save on daily visitor-related tasks when using SMARt-IN.

Our platform is Responsive


SMARt-IN is built on a fluid and responsive framework allowing it to be very usable regardless of device or environment.Whether your SMARt-IN will be running on a 10″ iPad® or 40″ display – rest assured in knowing that the experience will be flawless.

Not convinced? Take a peek at our quick start guide to learn more.

Digital Visitor Badges


SMARt-IN is philosophy of efficient way to registring also lead us to have a digital visitor Badge. which are more ecofriendly , save time , money and effort of printing Badges.