International Airports

These days, millions of people walk in and out of the gates at International Airports annually. Due to the nature of this business, a watchful eye of a trained security team and an extensive surveillance camera system can help detect suspicious activity while the planes are on the ground. Monitoring activity and screening passengers and staff members when they enter the airport facilities reduce the chances that dangerous situations arise and those illegal or banned items will not pass the screening process.

Industry Concerns

Millions of people pass through the gates of International Airports every year. Tight security is key to keeping these busy travel hubs safe for everyone. Airports are a challenging space to keep secure, just because of the sheer volume of people who use it. Security cameras enable International Airport Security teams the advantage of keeping a watchful eye on all gates and corridors of the building. In the event that a situation arises, security personnel can easily be deployed to the location where they are needed.

Meeting the Challenges of the Airline Industry

  • Set up Control Zones to grant authorized personnel access to restricted areas.
  • Setting up Passport Control and Security checkpoints for identity checks and possible criminal screening.
  • Monitor all open areas remotely using tablets or Smartphones.
  • Scan and oversee activity at terminals, boarding gates, ticketing areas, and entrance areas.
  • Security cameras installed in the baggage area help deter luggage theft.
  • Our Software helps detect suspicious cars in short-term and long-term parking lots.

Advantages of Video Surveillance in Airports

  • Security video surveillance systems are proven to help curb theft, crimes, and other illegal activities in airports of all sizes, which makes traveling safer for everyone.
  • Intelligent video search and video mining help improve productivity and efficiency in your security department. This helps boost your bottom line without compromising the safety of employees and customers.
  • Remote Monitoring capabilities make it possible to live stream security camera footage to your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. So even if you are away from your desk, you are still at the controls.

Benefits of Using VSaaS Solutions for Airports

  • Easy-to-use, Simple to configure and Setup. Hours to deploy an on-premise, private cloud, and big data video solution.
  • Support all legacy analog, IP camera and DVR/NVR infrastructure.
  • All-in-One, private cloud, and hybrid cloud video surveillance systems.
  • Flexible, private cloud-based system allows you to future-proof your video surveillance network. It seamlessly grows with your infrastructure and business needs. Clients can start with 50 cameras or less and add more cameras as needed to grow your security network.
  • Legacy costly and hard to maintain DVR/NVRs are not needed. CityEyes CVR (Cloud Video Recorders) appliances offer integrated advanced NVR and multi-tier storage functions.
  • Cloud computing and big data video search and video mining features are built into the system. This advanced feature includes over 50 types of various cloud-enabled IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) makes it simple and easy to use.
  • Monitor or check the status of your security from the web, your laptop, desktop computer, Smartphone, or tablet.
  • CityEyes solutions empower security personnel with one centrally managed security center.
  • On-premise and Private Cloud based architecture is secure.