IronYun CityEyesTM All-in-One Solution Benefits

Simple & Easy to Configure

Private Cloud based on industry standard VMware cloud software. Big Data with IronYun “Multi-tier Storage” solution. Industry’s largest library of over 30 “Intelligent Video Analytics” engines.

High Performance “Edge/Core Architecture”

“Intelligence” at the Edge and “Analysis” at the core. Reduce bandwidth requirement using “Edge/Core Architecture”. Fast, “Real-Time” performance with “Edge/Core Architecture”.

Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Private Cloud to reduce hardware server cost – Virtualize hardware CPU. Multi-tier Storage solutions to lower video storage cost. Edge-Core architecture for reduced Internet bandwidth usage for bandwidth savings.

About CHAKRA Security

Chakra is a cloud computing and big data video surveillance service company. We provide enterprise customers with Hyper-converged, All-in-One, private cloud computing and big data video analytics & software products.

Connecting Video Monitoring to Hybrid Cloud to Apps

CityEyes comes with a Private Cloud, Big Data open architecture PaaS platform that will have integrated over 30 video analytics engines.